Intuitive Coaching for Life Events

Rima coaches’ people on a range of concerns related to nurturing the Self so that external creativity reflects the truest desires of their heart. When the body, mind, heart and soul are in alignment, the answers we seek become easily visible. One of Rima’s favorite affirmations in regards to finding answers is: The solutions I seek are seeking and finding me. I open my heart and receive them. And so it is.

Consultations are available in Austin and by phone.

Birth Journey Facilitation

Rima coaches people who are on the journey of pregnancy, birth & bonding. She assists parents to review their own birth stories and any messages from their experience that may be influential in the birth of their child. These consultations are important reminders of the deep impression of early life and their impact on the health and well-being of their child and family. Rima helps parents to have not only a birth plan but a birth vision and then to let go and enjoy the journey. Rima’s coaching has helped thousands of people to become the parent and human being they truly desire to be.