Infant/Child Massage – A great parenting skill to have!

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Infant/Child Massage – A great parenting skill to have!

A great massage story from one of my child’s first “sleepovers”–

My children grew up thinking that infant and child massage was a regular part of bedtime–a parenting skill common to all parents and families. (And in many cultures it IS more of an ordinary parenting skill….thankfully.)

One of the first times my daughter spent the night with a friend (around age 6-7) she was in for a surprise. She came home the next day and with some frustration said,”Mom, my friend had a bad neck ache when we went to bed and her Mom did not give her a massage! She said it with stomp-your-foot sense of, “can you believe it”? Followed by, “So, I had to do it! (I’m sure her friend was very grateful!) I smiled and realized I needed to clue her in on the fact that massage time was not necessarily a regular parenting skill for all parents.

Now as an adult she helps provide probably over 2000 hours a month of massage and bodywork at the clinic she guides and directs. Hmmmmm…..imagine that!

Parents, Grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, keep in mind the family time massage you share in your home, has immediate as well as long term benefits.

Here are some of them for both the child AND the parent:

For Babies and Children:

  • Helps baby/child know they are heard and acknowledged
  • This individual focused time promotes child/ infant-parent bonding
  • Helps regulate smooth transitions from one state to another (activity to rest etc.)
  • Helps infant/child handle sensory input successfully
  • Has positive effects on maturation and sympathetic nervous system activity
  • Helps infant/child release stress appropriately through crying or vocalization and then return to relaxation
  • Increases oxygen and nutriient flow to cells
  • Helps relieve “colic” or gassy spells and teething in infants
  • Deeper and longer sleep habits

For parents:

  • Provides intimacy and special time for parents and children
  • Enhances communication and builds respect
  • Helps parents feel more confident and competent in their parenting role (esp. good w/ first timers)
  • Helps ease stress of a working parents who may have to be gone during the day (this is their special quality time)
  • Baby/child regular massage time offers parent a time to relax and unwind as well from their busier pace of life
  • It’s fun for parents to massage their infant or children

Do you have a parent/child/infant massage story to share? Please DO.