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About The Healing Power of Birth

negeenInnovations come from somewhere. How did Rima have the courage to birth her children in a way that was almost unheard of in the United States in 1980? What are the implications for the future of children born into the “liquid love” of water and the gentleness of their families’ hands? As one of the Co-Mothers of Water Birth in the U.S., (birthing her children in water in 1980, 84 and 87), Rima wrote The Healing Power of Birth, to share her very personal and intimate story.

From the conventional hospital birth of her first child, through marriage, motherhood, divorce and the untimely death of her child, Rima journeys through shock, anger, and grief to discover the rebirth of consciousness possible, no matter how deep the sorrow. How was Rima able to move through the loss of one child, to twelve years later following her strong intuitive guidance to birth her next three children into the medium of water—assisted by the trust and skill of midwives?

From the afterword of HPOB, by Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD.

Robbie-Davis-FloydMore than anything else, Rima’s book is the story of her progression from reliance on society to reliance on herself, from believing that doctors and institutions hold responsibility for life and death to accepting her own responsibility for her destiny. Rima has made the shift to the other side of the paradigm. It is the same paradigm shift made by thousands of others in the holistic health movement…..Those who seek to rediscover what the shamans never lost — understanding of the interwoven unity of body, mind, and spirit; nature, society and cosmos.

Rima Star Enterprises, LLC, is making available a limited number of signed copies of The Healing Power of Birth (1986) to raise funds for four publishing projects. Each project communicates amazing and unique stories from early days of water birth in the United States. Initially we are seeking $5000 dollars to reissue The Healing Power of Birth, set it up as an e-book, and re-edit the water birth film. Your purchase, or donation, will help keep these stories alive and available to all.

  1. The Healing Power of Birth (1986)
    • Making the Healing Power of Birth into an E-Book, then adding an epilogue which includes the birth of her third child in 1987 as well as a new forward updating insights and events regarding water birth nationally and internationally. To buy the book click here.
  2. Water Birth Film (1985)
    • Editing and Re-releasing the Water Birth film she made in 1985 (currently 45 minutes) This film includes footage of three of the first water births in the U.S. and interviews with parents and professionals.
  3. Water Birth, Water Wisdom (1993)
    • Publishing for the first time her book, Water Birth—Water Wisdom, written in 1993 and never before published. It contains some of the stories of the first water births in the U.S. Chapters include– water and conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, bonding. Each chapter ends with a story from the baby’s perspective, one from one of the parents and one from one of the birth professionals or caregivers in attendance.
  4. Ebb & Flow Meditation CD (2003) Color Breathing Meditation for Peace and Grace
    • Editing and Releasing a CD, produced in 2003,of live guided meditations created to support gentle birth and the healing of birth related events. Many of the sounds on the CD include actual live performances as well as sounds of dolphins recorded during actual healing adventures lead by Rima, as well as the sounds of breastfeeding babies present during the meditation etc. The title – Ebb & Flow–Color Breathing Meditations for Peace and Grace from Rima Star.

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