Rima’s Vision

“Birthing Peace On Earth” represents my long held vision for caring, gentle births where human beings start, and continue, life with love, quality attention, and relaxed bonding. Such babies, and their families, have a strong foundation for becoming the kind of children and adults that create a peaceful, honoring, healthy and sustainable society. My work is dedicated to bringing hope, help and healing hands to families, individuals, and professionals – anyone who has been born. I see each day as “a new birth” – for each of us – and an opportunity to make the choices, and our strongest movement, toward whatever makes our hearts sing.   I now know it is our nature to nurture and be nurtured and that this is possible only by fully including the Earth itself. -Rima Star-


Rima developed and taught Ebb and Flow Integration Therapy™, the Birth Journey Facilitator Program™, and Living in the Heart of The Wave™ Dolphin Adventures. Her career includes over 30,000 hours of clinical work and teaching as well as helping thousands of couples and professionals with perinatal coaching and education.


O3SkincarelogoRima is the founder and CEO, of O3 Skincare™ topical ozone products for vibrant health. A portion of revenues from O3 Skincare sales supports the ”Saving Water Birth History” projects and the realization of this vision. You are welcome to learn more and purchase O3Skincare products HERE.

Educational Background

Rima has a master’s degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Houston, a BA from Texas Lutheran University and studied secondary teaching and educational counseling at Texas State University. She has thousands of hours of experience, education and training in body-mind-spirit integrative and holistic modalities. She has worked in education, government and business. Rima developed and taught Ebb and Flow Integration Therapy™ and the Birth Journey Facilitator Program™. Now she is the founder and CEO, of O3 Skincare™ topical ozone products.

Awards & Organizations

Rima is a pioneer in water birth, birth consciousness, massage, conscious breathing modalities, and dolphin-inspired health and healing adventures. She was given an award (2004) as a “Mother of Water Birth” in the United States and in 2009 as a “Pioneer of Massage Therapy”. She was on the board of the Austin Area Holistic Health Association (1979-81).She attended the inaugural meeting of the Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health Congress in Toronto in 1983, numerous MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) conventions in the 1980’s and CIMS (Coalition to Improve Maternity Services). She trained in midwifery and labor support (1984-85) with Mari Mikel Potter, RN, CPM, in Austin. She visited the former Soviet Union (1988) to speak, teach and meet with families and birth professionals who pioneered water birth in that country. She founded the Star Institute (1998-2006) to provide curriculums in education for birth, health and creative living, offering over 500 hours of curriculum.