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Breathwork: Intentional Breathing

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Breathwork: Intentional Breathing

Recently, I looked through  previous teaching materials attempting to clear out more area for storage. I came across a 1995 issue of Austin Alternative Health Magazine. When I opened it a photo of me completely filled the front page which caused me to gasp with an OMGoddess! response. After which I thought, OK let’s see what this article (now over 20 years old) has to say.

Surprisingly, I actually “approved” of almost all of it just the way it was, as being relevant to us in THIS current  age. I began to think about the eternality of life, and the deep and abiding gratitude I have for my path guiding me, and sometimes plopping me down right in the middle of this BREATH journey as both a vocation and avocation. After a number of days letting this article and the memories that were triggered sort through me, I began to have a visceral response of desire and longing to again sound the bell for Intentional Breathing practices.

Here is some of the content from that 1995 article:

All forms of awake and aware breathing are beneficial to us. We may engage in formal breathing practices for many reasons– laboring in childbirth, preparing for and running a race, singing, acting, speech giving or meditation. One big reason, and sometimes a side benefit of an intentional breathing practice, is to help remove any giant STOPS to our natural breathing rhythms, going all the way back to taking our first breath at birth. If you think about it, we have a natural range of motion in our ability to inhale and exhale oxygen, which is mandatory for our physical systems to not only survive but thrive. As I watched myself and others breathe, I wondered why we seemed to use such a small portion of that range in our day to day lives. I used to call shallow breathing “lizard” breathing and then tried to move up the scale to comfortably reach normal Great Big Human breathing.

When I became increasingly involved in assisting families during pregnancy, birthing and bonding, I realized that first impressions truly are our foundation for healthful living. Even now, as adults, we easily tend to benefit when first impressions are strong, good and healthy.

I continued to study, learn and practice many forms of conscious breathing, including Rebirthing. At the time I was in rebirthing training, being officially certified meant having the unanimous agreement of the 200 people in the training. There were seven people who received that designation. I was one of them. My journey since then has taken me through thousands of hours of intentional breathing facilitation including twelve years traveling every month to share the importance of connecting breath, birth and health. In the 90’s, I wanted to up-level my learning about excellent breathing and asked myself, who are the greatest breathers on earth? Immediately, dolphins and whales came to mind. They are air breathers like us, AND unlike us they live 24/7 in the ocean.

Soon I met someone at one of my presentations who had spent thirteen years with dolphins as a marine biologist. The next thing I know, I was invited to accompany her to observe and “meet” that pod of dolphins. As you might imagine, it was a life-changing experience and certainly the place to learn more about conscious breathing. I found myself offering several trips a year bringing people for breathing adventures inspired by the same pod of territorial dolphins. They certainly are “masters of breathing” in my book and have inspired humans throughout time. If you feel inspired also, this may be a good time to start or renew a conscious breathing practice. Here are some suggestions. Designate a slot of time, say ten minutes or more, each day if possible. Then, sit or lie down, and observe the in breath, the out breath and the pause between the two. Let that practice of noticing be your focus and return to the observation of your breath anytime you notice you were elsewhere. When the time is up simply open your heart to giving and receiving gratitude until you are ready to gently bring your attention to your day’s activities.

Rima Star, consultant, author and educator, founded Ebb and Flow Integration Therapy, a pathway of intentional breathing inspired especially by birth, aquatic mammals and numerous amazing humans. She is the founder of O3 Skincare which makes the super benefits of ozone oxygen available for daily health care. Oxygen on the inside and super oxygen on the outside is her contribution for healthful living. Learn more about her work  at:, 512 420-0068 and Star Rima Beth FB page.

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