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How Super Oxygen Became My Friend

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How Super Oxygen Became My Friend

Three years ago, I began a business I humorously call putting “oxygen in a jar” for people’s health and wellness. The light bulb experience for this idea came to me when I was fully involved in running my massage, breathwork and birth school, Star Institute in 2005. At the time, a friend and student, introduced me to an ozone-oxygen system which I used to funnel O3 oxygen into a table sauna for my clients.

Further, the light bulb experience that connected me with even knowing about ozone-oxygen in the first place came from helping my mother find healthcare options in 1984, when she had cancer. Somehow,I learned there were many effective health results from the use of ozone-oxygen in Europe. I naively assumed I could find these options available in the U.S. Wrong. That is one of the first times I really realized the U.S. was not necessarily The Best in all types of healthcare.

My mother made her transition that summer one week before my second daughter Orien was born. The birth of my first daughter, Mela, my father’s passing and then my mother’s, lead me to writing The Healing Power of Birth, (1986) and very possibly saving my life.

Years later, in 2005, the health benefits of ozone, and the means to use it, appeared in my life and I was actually able to use it for myself and others. The vision that came to me was, “put this O3 oxygen into an oil (that golden jojoba you like so much will do just fine). Let people have access to this for daily, preventative skincare. My internal critic responded,” maybe one day when I happen to have an extra minute, I will!”

That moment came in 2011, when I perceived that “I had a minute.” A further part of my original vision was that launching a business selling these “oxygen in a jar” products would help to fund the publishing projects near and dear to my heart–helping to birth peace on earth through gentle, conscious birth, parenting & living.

So dear friends, colleagues, students, former students, clients, companions on this journey—in honor of my third child’s birthday–Hank Star, May 6, 1987–I”m announcing that I now know that these two projects–“oxygen in a jar” and Rima Star author,teacher, and coach– ARE the ebb & flow of my heart out into the world. Being involved in either one of them IS being involved in both. That realization brings a new level of coherence and integration into my daily life–it’s not either or, it’s both! Amazing.

In celebration of this “rebirth” I am:

  • Launching the new web site.
  • Re-issuing original, autographed, collectors editions for sale, of The Healing Power of Birth, the first book on water birth. Doing so will help to turn it into an E book ASAP and other projects. To learn more – Click here for the Save Water Birth History link.

To purchase our super oxygen products click:

O3 Dental Care O3 Skincare

Thank you for being and for all the good you share in the world.


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